Hydrography of Gourikere pond of Siddapur, Karnataka

Vasanth Kumar, S.V Roopa, B.K Gangadhar


Present work was pertaining to studies conducted at one lentic perinial water body at Talaguppa viz., Gourikere pond Tq:Sagar Karnataka.  The period of study undertaken it one year from May - 2007 to April - 2008. This study is intended to monitor the water quality of Gourikere pond of Talaguppa, Sagar Tq: Shimoga District and also helpful for using this water for making fisheries activity. The present investigation encompassed collection of data pertaining to various aspects such as meteorological condition, physicochemical parameter of water body of Gourikere pond. Air and surface water temperatures varied from 29.7oC to 37.5oC and from 20.6oC – 24.8oC. And the pH ranged between 8.1 to 9.1. Variation in dissolved oxygen content was from 6.4 mg/l to 10.8 mg/l  and variation in CO2 was observed from 7.4 mg/l to 12.00 mg/l.  Concentrations of nutrients viz. nitrates (0.69 mg/l to1.30 mg/l), phosphates (0.30 mg/l to 0.63 mg/l) Magnesium (11.79 mg/l to 88.64 mg/l) sulphate (2.45 mg/l to 5.16 mg/l) Calcium (33.41 to 138.10mg/l), also varied independently. The results of the study revealed that hydrographical conditions fluctuated moderately throughout the year.

Keywords: Physico-chemical parameters, lentic, Nutrients, Gourikere pond.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7770/safer-V1N1-art777


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