Physico-chemical characterization of surface waters of the west coast of Algeria: Bay of Mostaganem and Cheliff estuary

Fatima Kies, Ahmed Kerkouf


A follow-up in 2013 of the indicators ofpollution (temperature, hydrogenpotential, dissolvedoxygen, ammonium, nitrites,nitrates, orthophosphates, orthosilicates, biological oxygen demand,chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids) in surface waterwasperformed, in order to estimatethe physicochemicalquality of the west coast of Algeria.The resultsobtainedrevealed the existence of a water contamination by domesticand industrialwastewater conveyed to the north by the Cheliff River fordischarge into the Bay of Mostaganem, marked bysignificantspace-timevariations. In January (24 mg / l), the values ​​ofnitrates recorded west of the mouth of Cheliff exceed norms.Ammonium records strong concentrations in January (1.2 mgNH4+/ L) and in February (0.8 mg / L). Nitrites such laggingof high contents in January (NO2- 0.99 mg / L) and February (NO2- 0.59 mg / L),respectively. The ortho phosphates post a maximumconcentration in January (6.6mg PO43-/ L). In addition, theorganicmatter rate measured in surface water ismaximumduring periods of flooding especially in January(7.51) and lowest in the exceptionally dry season in August (2.19).

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