Describing the Radular morphology by using SEM in Muricanthus kuesterianus (Tapparone-canefri1875) Family: Muricidae, from Palk Bay-South East Coast of India

Chelladurai Stella, Packiam Paul, Chelladurai Ragunathan


Scanning electron microscopic studies (SEM) revealed that the radula of Muricanthus kuesterianus resembled that of Muricanthus virgineus in most details. But there were some apparent differences. In Muricanthus kuesterianus rachidian tooth have a broad base than that of Muricanthus virgineus. The base of the median cusp was broad, short, stout and pointed straight towards the anterior end. The left  lateral cusp elongated,  sharp, slightly bent and pointed outwards and the right lateral cusp dorso ventrally flattened and the anterior end small, slightly pointed. In between the median and left lateral cusps, a sharp and pointed denticle is present where as the right laterals and median cups there is no denticle. The lateral teeth which are two in numbers flanked median rachidian.

Keywords: Scanning Electron Microscope, Radula, Gastropoda, Muricidae, Muricanthus kuesteianus,

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